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organic thousand headed kale grown at the greenspace garden

Rainy Season Gardening Tips

Hello again, Good day! Its raining again after much wait this year. This news is exciting…
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Starting from the Basics: Top 10 Garden Maintenance Activities

In this post, we will be talking about our top 10 gardening maintenance tips which…
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garden soil management series

Starting From the Basics: Home Garden Soil Management

Dive into the essentials of home gardening with our first topic: Soil Management. Learn the perfect soil mix recipe—combining loamy soil, compost, and cocopeat—to create an ideal growing medium. Enhance soil with limestone, neem cake, and wood ash to promote plant health, pest control, and nutrient enrichment. Unleash your garden's potential today!
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We are a dedicated advocate for urban and rural organic vegetable farming. Our mission is to enhance sustainable agriculture, promote home gardening, …

We are Africa’s Eco-friendly urban farming expert…

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