Our Story

Creating vegetable garden in every home.

GreenSpace is a brand birthed from passion and love of homegrown, organic plants under the right conditions with loads of nutrition for the family.

We are a feel-good brand that aims at promoting the wellbeing of our customers by educating, and making available the best and easiest ways to propagate their own vegetables.
We do this by offering solutions for creating mini vegetable and herb gardens in homes. We provide materials, equipment, seeds, soil, seedlings, fully grown plant solutions, and devices for any home.
We believe in the agricultural sector and want to use our platform to help build enthusiasm and patronage of agric related careers by presenting products that makes agriculture or farming pleasing to children and the youth.
We believe in working hard, smart, and with passion.
We believe every plant deserves love as we humans do.

Our innovative products offer joy, ease, and relaxation to the family even before the harvest.

Our innovations teach the child the importance of cultivating plants in the right environment, with innovation and passion.

Our innovations present aesthetic and functional values to the home. At GreenSpace, we have a lot of dreams and goals and we need you our loyal customers to make it happen.

Our dream and mission of a vegetable garden in every home in Ghana and Africa depends on you. 

Explore our product options  or Contact us today to offer a custom solution to your gardening needs.

Our Vision

To be the market leader in Ghana and West Africa for gardening products and services.

Our Mission

To establish vegetable garden in every Ghanaian and African home.

Our Values

Hardwork, Innovation, Efficiency and Passion.