Dont’s for Optimal Seed Germination

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Welcome back to our garden series – starting from the basics. Today we will talk about seed germination and in this case “Don’ts for optimal seed germination”. As very well discribed in our other earlier article on “Do’s for optimal seed germination”, moisture, oxygen and a favorable temperature are the basic requirements for seed germination. However, the presence or absence of light influences dormancy of seeds.

I won’t talk too much on what these basic requirements mean, simply read more in our other article. Lets dig right into the topic, as always.

Don'ts for optimal germination

  1. After sowing seeds, keep soil moist, not wet to prevent molding, death, and rotting of seed.
  2. Fertilizer is not a necessity for germination, but can be provided in anticipation of better seedling health, In this case, introduce it in moderation.
  3. Do not reuse old potting mix for nursing new seeds. To reduce potential spread of disease.

  4. Do not use garden soil (loamy/black soil) to nurse your seeds. It can be dense and have pathogens that can affect seed/seedling development.

  5. Do not use a heating pad if you are in a tropical region. It is very unnecessary.

  6. Do not water seeds/seedlings with warm water if you are in a tropical zone.

  7. Do not fill potting mix or soil mix to the brim of the container. Allow a few centimeters above soil level to allow for  easy watering and avoid floating of seed.

Share with us in the comments, your take on these tips.

Also let us know your special techniques for optimal seed germination in the comments below. Thank you for staying tune this far.

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