Dos for Optimal Seed Germination

Today we will talk about seed germination and in this case “Dos, for optimal seed germination” in your home garden or commercial nursery. For seed germination to take place, the basic needs are moisture, oxygen and a favorable temperature.
– Keep leftover seeds in moisture proof bags and store in the fridge to preserve them.
– Label seeds to better identify them.

Dont’s for Optimal Seed Germination

Welcome back to our garden series – starting from the basics. Today we will talk about seed germination and in this case “Don’ts for optimal seed germination”…

7 Ways To Boost Hydration In Your Garden

Here are 7 Tips to keep your plants properly hydrated during the dry/ harmattan weather.

-Practice mulching
-Invest in a shade
-Strategize your irrigation
-Collect excess whater with trays…

Home Garden Soil Management

Welcome to our 2022 gardening series: Starting from the basics – Home gardening, and our first topic is “Home garden soil management”.
To prepare a simple soil mix, combine the following:

1 part loamy or top soil + 1 part manure/compost + 1/2-part cocopeat

GreenSpace Initiates a Home Gardening Revival in Ghana.

Project Grow Together is a gardening initiative by Greenspace. This gardening campaign was aimed at encouraging people to start gardening at home. The challenge’s first began on January 1st and continued for four months. We provided free non-GMO seeds for propagation and seedlings as part of the effort to teach, encourage and support the participants. This annual challenge returns yet again. Registrations are in progress for participants and sponsors.