Welcome to Green Space! Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting your journey, our professional maintenance services are designed to ensure your vegetable garden thrives year-round. Let us take care of your garden so you can enjoy the freshest and most nutritious vegetables right from your backyard.

We offer expert maintenance services for urban vegetable gardens, including:

- Organic pest control services for your backyard garden
- Seasonal pruning to promote healthy growth and productivity.
- Mulching to conserve moisture, suppress weeds and improve soil structure.
- Soil health and nutrient amendments for optimal plant growth.
- Regular weeding to keep your vegetable garden beds tidy and productive.
- Installation of effective irrigation systems.
- Site inspection and soil testing before planting.
- seasonal clean up and prepping for next cycle planting, among others.

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    Sustainable practices
    Expert knowledge
    Reliable services
    Customised care
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