Green Space’s Project Grow Together is a gardening campaign aimed at encouraging people to start gardening at home. The challenge’s first installment began on January 1st, 2021 and continued for four months. Green Space provided free non-GMO seeds for propagation and seedlings as part of their sponsorship of the event. 

Within the challenge, participants were permitted to choose a plant they wanted to grow. For better assessment and guidance, the possibilities were limited to plants that grew in less than 8 weeks. On Facebook, Instagram, and the main challenge group, votes were made for vegetables such as spinach, lettuce, beetroot, radish, bush beans, pole beans, okra, and cucumber. The plants with the most votes (lettuce, beetroot, and cucumber) were picked. 


The activities was divided into five components.

·       Vote a plant

·       Tips and guidelines

·       Discussions

·       Share your process

On the 8th of January, we sent out our first free seed deliveries, and then the event began. Participation came from all throughout Ghana, including the Central, Eastern, Ashanti, Volta, and, of course, Greater Accra. On Zoom and the official challenge group, training materials and online classes were held throughout the challenge. 

Participants were trained on:

• Essentials of home gardening – This topic was taught by Madam Lois Obeng of Agro Choice consult and also a trainer at Kwadaso College of Agriculture.

• Pest control in your home garden: we discussed a critical aspect of farming, which is basic farm management and pest control methods when growing vegetables. Diamond Tumaku, manager at Green Space, and Evans Kac lead the charge.

Participants were also guided on gardening tips, techniques for nursing, watering, and maintaining their crops, through shared materials, discussions and presentations

Cabbage in containers project grow together 2022

Participants were able to learn and have their concerns answered thanks to the challenge group’s discussions and coaching. Agronomists, experienced gardeners, and trainers from both within and outside Greenspace contributed to the success of these conversation sessions. Throughout the challenge, participants were encouraged to share their process, obstacles, and victories, which served to provide a lot of learning opportunities for everyone.

Lettuce Project grow together advocacy program

The icing on the cake for this challenge was the photos and harvest updates, which helped to create a welcoming environment and excitement among the participants.

 Here are some feedbacks from participants of the first edition:

Lettuce Project grow together advocacy program
 By Xornam

I engaged in cucumber gardening. 

Overall, time is a big factor in gardening.  Without time it is very difficult if not impossible to nurture a healthy garden.  I'm still in the process though, but love every single minute spent gardening. 

I'll therefore be glad to join in the next challenge 😊🙏

By Xornam,
 By Ofebea Nkansah

I will gladly take part in any upcoming future projects although i faced a lot of challenges in the just ended project so came out with nothing.
I did the planting in flower pots on my veranda.
My fowls and fowls of neighbors destroyed the plants. i tried covering the area with mosquito net but some always found a way in
Those not destroyed by the fowls were destroyed by worms or insects.
The final straw was the rest died off. I would gladly take suggestions for future remedies. Thanks by maggi Great initiative by all standard. Adequate knowledge gained for future use

By Ofebea Nkansah,

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