Cabbage Seed Pack – Red Jewel F1

Introducing our Red Jewel F1 Cabbage Seed Pack, a botanical masterpiece designed to bring rich color and wholesome flavor to your garden. Celebrated for its striking ruby-red hue and crisp texture, this cabbage variety is a culinary delight that adds both visual appeal and nutritional value to your homegrown harvest.


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Seed name: Cabbage
Variety: Red Jewel F1

Product Description
This compact cabbage variety is well-suited for smaller garden spaces, making it an excellent choice for both large and small gardens. Despite its size, it boasts exceptional productivity.
Red Jewel F1 Cabbage is adaptable and thrives in well-drained, fertile soil. Plant it in a sunny location for optimal growth and vibrant coloration.

Growing Guide
Sowing: sow seeds 1 cm deep in either nursery tray or a container with well-drained soil and water.
Germination: 2 weeks averagely
Light: full/ partial sun




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